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First Session
Waking up in a strange place

As the campaign started, the team awakened in a pool of iridescent liquid with tubes and wires hooked up to the party members. The party consists of Alex, a Revenant Fighter(Knight of Bahamut), Kelly, a Half-Elf Warlock, Corey, a Dragonborn Warlord, Josh, a (insert Race) Rogue, and Aaron(myself), a Goliath Warden named Kimlavo the Younger (insert other PCs names later). The team awoke with none of their equipment in a room that contained multiple tubes with numbers on our arms. There was another tube that had been shattered and had a trail of blood leading from it out of the room. There were a couple of dead Eladrin in the room with lab coats, assumed to be the testers. The team all introduced themselves, but there seemed to be some unease among the party. Kimlavo seemed to be a little more barbaric than the others, which caused some tension.

The party all related their last memory, that of a mysterious man promising them one thing they greatly wanted in return for one simple task. They all agreed and were brought to a strange place, and then darkness. They awoke in this place, and continued their lives from there. The party decided to follow the trail of blood for the time being, going down a hallway littered with dead bodies, past a room they could not open. The party looked on with disgust as Kimlavo tore the leg from a dwarf to use as a club. The team passed by the door and came to a fork. They first went away from the trail of blood and found an office and a large door. The office was a wreck, filled with records associated with the numbers on the members’ arms. The desk had a large name written on it “MERIK”. After searching the office, the party decided to follow the blood again, and backtracked down the hall. They soon came upon two more doors, one that remained open due to a foot stuck in the door. The team investigated the closed door, and found inside it a group of monsters in the same sort of test tubes the party had been encased in. They found nothing of use however, and returned to the blood trail. In the other room were more dead bodies, a couple of long tables and two cupboards. The team found a few healing potions on the tables. Kimlavo tried to use his improvised weapon to open the cupboards, but his team wisely searched the bodies and found keys. Inside the cupboards was their equipment, which they quickly donned. After that they left the room, only to see a flicker of motion go into the other room they had searched. They entered and looked around, but as soon as they were separated enough, an alarm sounded overhead, and the monsters awoke from their tubes. The party’s first battle together commenced against two darkmantles, 3 duergar and a gauth.

The fighter tried to get the party to team up against the darkmantles, whose aura gave a darkened look to the room, concealing the monsters. Kimlavo took on two of the three duergar at first, and the Dragonborn and Warlock were near the gauth. The gauth quickly immobilized the Dragonborn, and the Fighter soon realized he would need to abandon the darkmantles to assist his friend. Kimlavo kept the duergar and a darkmantle preoccupied while the Warlock deftly moved to a defensible position outside the room and laid down a zone of fire within. The gauth quickly went down under the concentrated fire of the Warlord and Fighter, as Kimlavo basically stayed in the same place keeping those he could away. As two of the duergar and a darkmantle fell to the blades of the party, the battle shifted to the hallway while Kimlavo kept the last darkmantle busy, periodically being engulfed and escaping. Finally the battle ended with a well placed attack from the Fighter, and the team rested.

After a short rest the team went to the control room that they previously were unable to get into, and found more deceased and a two way mirror that had “MERIK” written on it in blood. Kimlavo let loose his barbaric rage with a bellowing “DAMN YOU MERIK!” and shattered the mirror. The rest of the party admonished him for his destructive behavior and he stopped the destruction. The party then exited the laboratory complex to find themselves in a large cavern with a light at the end. They followed the light to the outside, and saw the sun for the first time in awhile. They found tracks of a dragonborn and a human going in opposite directions, the former towards greener lands and the latter towards the more desolate looking area. The team had an argument over which to follow, but reasoning held and they went to the greener area. After awhile they found an abandoned village and they slept for the night. The next day they continued on and found another village, but inhabited this time. Kimlavo felt uncomfortable going into it though, so he stayed on the outskirts while the rest went to talk. The villagers were scared and wary of the strangers, and they became even more scared and distrustful when the Revenant intimidated them with his looks. They hastily told the team they hadn’t seen the Dragonborn, and the team found out they had come from the Borderlands, the area surrounding the abyss. The settlers had been chased out because of the continuously expanding Borderlands and the increase in Abyssal monstrosities, and were preparing to leave yet again. They offered to sell the party items but at increased prices. As they were leaving a woman came up and inquired about the Revenant being a Knight of Bahamut. The fighter found there was a station of Knights of Bahamut to the north, which was where the villagers were heading. The party soon decided that they would go as well, and set off with all riding except for Kimlavo, who would just as soon run like the wild man he is. They traveled towards the Northeast, passing decrepit looking villagers on the run, and made good time. As night fell all was normal, but during the Warlock’s watch the party was set upon by a group of abyssal monsters and gnolls. The team quickly dispatched the creatures however, and soon settled down to sleep again, Kimlavo taking the final shift.

Next Session: Continuing the Journey, trying not to make the team more confrontational, resolving the differences between the “barbaric” Kimlavo and the more “civilized” team, especially the Knight.


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